Muslim Cemetery, Inc.
P.O. Box 2629, Denton, TX 76202
501(c)13 - A Non-Profit Organization
In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful
To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return - Al-Baqra [2:156]
Who Am I?
Let me introduce myself. My name is Muslim Cemetery &
trust me I am your final destiny. I reside in Denton along
Hwy 380 West about 8 miles West of I-35E North. My size is
11.5 acres and I am 20 years old. Being quite seasoned,  you
can imagine at present I am home to about 460 permanent
residents with a heart to accommodate 2500 more – See how I
cultivate a culture of openness and giving - That’s how much
hospitable and open-hearted I am.

However, I have a complaint that you folks are not taking
due care of me and because of that Denton County twice
threatened to shut me down – Isn’t it ironic and unfortunate -
with so much community around me still I am being
neglected. Until few months ago, I did not have funds even
for my monthly maintenance. However, courtesy of few Allah
fearing folks who took the lead, jumped and rescued me.

Hope you do understand that I am the only stable and risk
free 401(k) investment option you have without fearing any
economic downturns. Regardless of where you live in
metropolis I am your final home. Don’t you think its time to
invest in me where Allah is promising unlimited matching?

Recently, after some biopsies I have been diagnosed with a few
ailments including sub surface seepage & soil erosion to name
a few. I don’t have a health plan or insurance. I am in dire
need of your attention and desperately seeking help and
assistance to upgrade my infrastructure. With so much
community around
don’t let me feel like an orphan.

Regardless of financial hardships I am consistently serving the
community with their burial needs while keeping the cost at
$500 - lowest in DFW.

On top of it I don’t charge families facing financial hardships.
That’s how generous I am – So why don’t you all join hands
and display generosity towards me by giving a loan to Allah
Almighty – Returns on your investments are manifold and are
not taxable.
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My Purpose:
Cemetery’s significant purpose derives from its formal capacity
to evoke or establish memory of death, to remind the living of
reminder to manifest that this world is not our home.
Devaluation of all things accentuating the temporal life is the
starting point for a Muslim, embracing that the life of the
body is not a real life, and the negation of this life is the
beginning rather than the end.

My Vision:
Provide an exclusive burial place for Muslim community in
accordance with Quran and Sunnah.

My Mission:
Ensure local Muslim community has their own full service
cemetery facilitating full burial rites by protecting,
maintaining, preserving & sustaining the cemetery.

Cemetery Rules/Policies:
  1. Islamic laws govern all matters concerning this
  2. Only muslim male, female and their children are
    allowed to be buried in this cemetery.
  3. The deceased or family has only interment rights to be
    buried. However, they don't own any part of the
  4. Family of deceased agrees to abide by all rules issued by
    the board of directors of this cemetery.
  5. Visitors must respect privacy of occupants of the graves.
    Please avoid making noises or walking on top of the
  6. No monument, memorial tree or plant of any kind shall
    be placed upon any grave.
  7. Walking, standing or sitting on top of a grave is
  8. Tanned leather footwear is prohibited. Only shoes made
    of synthetic materials can be worn during the visit.
  9. Burial at this cemetery is prohibited at these times:
    During sunrise, during sunset, at high noon and at
  10. No muslim can be buried in this cemetery without
    being bathed and prayed for.
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Muslim Cemetery, Inc.
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